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Welcome to Maureen Beresford’s site. Life is a wonderful gift, full of precious memories that should never be forgotten. Now these memories can be shared so that you too can enjoy them forever.

It has already been over a year since Maureen died.  What do you think she is doing in heaven?

A memorial account has been created for Maureen.

Services were held on Saturday August 1st at 12:30 pm at:
Marlatt Funeral Home
713 Central Ave North
Kent, WA 98032

A celebration of Maureen's life followed the service at:
Black Diamond Community Center  3-8pm
31605 3rd Ave
Black Diamond, WA  98010

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Family Tree
Heavens newest angel   / Harry And Catrina (Son and Daughter )
Today Mom has gone to be with all of her loved ones who have been watching and guiding her through her fight.   She had a peaceful passing. Mom was surrounded by her loved ones when it was time for her to see everyone and find a S...  Continue >>
Happy B-Day   / Brian Beresford (Brother)

Was thinking about you yesterday because it was your b-day and wish I could pick up the phone and say HAPPY B-day and I love you, but I can’t anymore. So now I say it out loud HAPPY B-Day Maureen.

I love you and miss you
<...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Harry Moore (Son)
Happy Birthday Mom!
I had some Baileys Irish Cream for you.  I miss you and love you so much.  I hope you are having a great B-Day.  Maybe you are smashing a pinata, having a martini, or watching the sun set...
Whatever ...  Continue >>
hello Me   / Brian Beresford (Brother)
Hey Sis:

In cant believe its ben two years already and we sure miss the hell out of you. your children are beautiful and holding up like your expected them to. You raised them well my sister. I sure miss the old days living on your couc...  Continue >>
Hey mom   / Catrina Zimmerman (daughter)
Hey Mom, Im sure you know by now you got Grandpa.  Im sure it was such a great reunion.  I love and miss you tons.  Talk to yo later!
Thoughts and Prayers from Maureen's family out East  / Mick McCullough (Cousin)    Read >>
young.robertf@gmail.-com / Robert Young (Old, old boyfriend )    Read >>
Hey Mom!  / Catrina Zimmerman (daughter)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Mom!!  / Catrina Zimmerman (daughter)    Read >>
I love you  / Harry Moore IV (Son)    Read >>
:) / Melinda Moergeli (Niece)    Read >>
Wow / Brian &. Kelly Beresford (Brother)    Read >>
Wow a year already!  / Catrina Zimmerman (daughter)    Read >>
Hey Mom  / Catrina Zimmerman (daughter)    Read >>
thinking of you  / Melinda Moergeli (Niece)    Read >>
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Special Memories
Cell Phone Call  
Mom calling Catrina on her her cell phones to tell us to stop fighting and yelling.  Although the argument was not the best memory, mom calling us from her room and yelling at us to get in the house was pretty retrospect!
Not to mention the fact that she called us into her room one by one to 'talk' to us was pretty funny too.
Thanks Mom!!!!
Maureen's Photo Album
Christmas 1977
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